New TechNet Radio Episode – Microsoft IT's Deployment of Azure Multi Factor Authentication in the Cloud

Join me as I welcome Principal IT Enterprise Architect, Laura Hunter to the show as we discuss how Microsoft IT has internally simplified the authentication process for its employees and their devices using Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Tune in as we chat about how Microsoft uses MFA to scale this two factor authentication method to over 130k+ employees and over 300+k devices while also enabling users on non-domain machines to be able to reset their own passwords without calling helpdesk.

  • [2:30] Define multifactor authentication in the industry
  • [4:50] How does Microsoft IT handle authentication currently and what problems were they trying to solve with Azure MFA?
  • [7:20] How does MFA work with Active Directory?
  • [9:23] Can you talk to us about MFA’s ADFS Integration?
  • [13:01] What are the biggest challenges Microsoft faced deploying MFA?
  • [17:37] What are the business benefits to Azure MFA?
  • [20:50] What are some Best Practices and advice for Enterprises wanting to use MFA?


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