New Cloud Webinar – Server Essentials – Automated server backups to secure offsite cloud storage

When: Oct 16th – Noon-1pm
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Backup can help you protect important server data offsite with automated backups to the cloud, where they are available for easy data restoration. Learn how to manage cloud backups from the familiar backup tools in Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, or even System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager. These tools provide similar experiences configuring, monitoring, and recovering backups whether to local disk or Cloud storage. After data is backed up to the cloud, you will learn how authorized users can easily recover backups to any server.

This secure, efficient, flexible and cost effective offsite solution built into Windows Server 2012, does incremental backups. This means only changes to files are transferred to the cloud. This helps ensure efficient use of storage, reduced bandwidth consumption, and point-in-time recovery of multiple versions of the data. Configurable data retention policies, data compression and data transfer throttling also offer you added flexibility and help boost efficiency. Backups are stored in the cloud reducing the need to secure and protect onsite backup media. Learn for yourself through this hands-on experience just how easy and cost effective this new server technology is to deploy. This out-of-the-box backup solution is perfect for small and medium businesses. However, for the enterprise, businesses with many servers or those that love to script, we will also cover leveraging PowerShell to extend the capabilities of online backup.

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