VMware or Microsoft?–The Complete Series List

Hey folks, thought I would provide a quick list of the links to our complete blog series on VMware or Microsoft.  Here you will find all of the articles in the series sorted by the order of their release:

Series Introduction

  1. What is a “Purpose-Built Hypervisor?
  2. Simplified Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Host Patching = Greater Security and More Uptime
  3. Reducing VMware Storage Costs WITH Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces
  4. Does size really matter?
  5. Let’s talk certifications!
  6. Virtual Processor Scheduling
  7. FREE Zero Downtime Patch Management
  8. Agentless Protection
  9. Site to Site Disaster Recovery with HRM
  10. Destination: VMWorld
  11. Get the “Scoop” on Hyper-V during VMworld
  12. VMWorld: Key Keynote Notes
  13. VMWorld: Did you know that there is no extra charge?
  14. VMWorld: A Memo to IT Leadership
  15. Moving Live Virtual Machines, Same But Different
  16. Not All Memory Management is Equal
  17. Can I get an app with that?
  18. Deploying Naked Servers
  19. Automated Server Workload Balancing
  20. Thoughts on VMWorld
  21. Shopping for Private Clouds
  22. Dynamic Storage Management in Private Clouds
  23. Replaceable? or Extensible? What kind of virtual switch do you want?
  24. Offloading your Storage
  25. VDI: A Look at Supportability and More!
  26. Agentless Backup for Virtual Environments
  27. How robust is your availability?
  28. VM Guest Operating System Support
  29. How to license Windows Server VMs
  30. Comparing vSphere 5.5 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V At-A-Glance
  31. Evaluating Hyper-V Network Virtualization as an alternative to VMware NSX
  32. Automation is the Key to Happiness
  33. Comparing Microsoft’s Public Cloud to VMware’s Public Cloud
  34. What does AVAILABILITY mean in YOUR cloud?
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