Atlanta Windows Infrastructure and Virtualization User Group – New Leadership Elections Coming Up Soon!

From Gary Olsen:  There have been some changes this summer – changing the focus and name of AADUG to WINVUG to cast a wider net for Windows Server Technology to include infrastructure, Virtualization and of course Active Directory, and related areas.

Our President, Joshua Kirk has had to leave for personal reasons and Adi Feldgajer and Thomas Dickinson have completed their term of office as Vice President and Secretary respectively.  I want to thank all 3 of these good men for their dedication to this UG, being founding members and leaders for the past 4+ years.  They formed the core of the UG and their service is appreciated.  Adi will continue as the Webmaster.

Leadership Elections September 10, 2013

Leadership Elections will be held September 10, 2013, 7pm at the Microsoft office. There are opportunities for all of you to assume the leadership positions.  What a great opportunity to shape this new UG and this is an excellent way to build your resume, get your name known, and network with the community.

I will remain on the board getting speakers for meetings and will provide help and guidance, along with Tommy Patterson of Microsoft, so you won’t be alone. I will say that in the 4+ years since I started AADUG, I have thoroughly enjoyed the work and associations that I’ve had – it has been very rewarding.

So- how do you put your hat in the ring?

1.       Go to for details of open positions and responsibilities

2.       Send email to me, Gary Olsen and provide the following information. 

3.       The board will review applications and notify you if you have been accepted. Those who are accepted will present their application to the group on Sept. 10 and elections will be held.


Everyone is invited to attend on Sept 10 to participate in the Elections

Send this information back to me:




Employer Name:

Briefly Summarize IT PRO skills and experience:

Position you would like to run for: (Available: President, Vice President, Secretary/Membership chair, Meeting Chair) _______________________________________

Why are you interested in this position?

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