Restoring a WordPress Database in Windows Azure – Step by Step

Find yourself in a bind because the changes you just made to your WordPress site went all out of whack?  Yep, me too 🙂  Lucky for me I found the simplest way to restore the site back to full functionality.  In the Windows Azure Management Portal you can quickly restore the mysql database.  Simply click on your website, go to the Dashboard tab and scroll down.  At the bottom you will see the name of the database. Click on it:


You will then be launched to another portal at clearDB and automatically logged in.  Click on the Backup & Jobs tab.  Select the point in time in which you wish to restore and click on Restore Backup:


Click on OK and the Restore will immediately get queued up, don’t worry too much about the time stamp for the job, as the times are not local to your area more than likely:


Now just wait a few moments and refresh the page.  You should see the job finish successfully.  Open a new browser and confirm that your website is back online, its that easy!

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