TechNet Radio – How Microsoft IT Deployed Direct Access with Windows Server 2012

Join me in welcoming Sr. Service Engineer Kunal Kaushik to this latest installment of TechNet Radio as we discuss how Microsoft IT uses Direct Access to enable workers to work remotely. Tune in as we chat about how MSIT deployed DirectAccess globally using Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 and how by implementing this solution the team was able to reduce support costs, increase business agility and improve remote management for IT.


  • [2:38] What is DirectAccess and how did we deploy it?
  • [6:18] How did you help users get a better geographical authentication point when they logged in remotely?
  • [8:32] So how is this product lowering our costs?
  • [9:55] Is there a team dedicated to administration or are they doing full support?
  • [11:58] How does this improve a business’s agility? For example, disaster recovery?
  • [14:06] What improvements have been made for VPN?
  • [15:40] How do you use virtual smart cards?
  • [19:12] How does DirectAccess keep non-work traffic, like web surfing, out of the secure tunnel?
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