TechNet Radio: Delivering Results – How Microsoft IT Secures Applications for the Cloud

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when it comes to cloud computing is security. On this episode of TechNet Radio I welcome Sr. Security Engineer Varun Sharma to the show as we discuss how Microsoft IT secured their applications for the cloud. Tune in as we chat about the security process MSIT goes through when they move an application into the cloud as well as what user authentication considerations, risks and deployment techniques they must consider.

  • [1:47] How do security or compliance requirements play a role in selecting applications?
  • [5:28] Once an application has been selected to be moved to the cloud, how does MSIT build security into it? Is there a process that is followed?
  • [7:08] What about user authentication to web sites that hosted on Windows Azure? Does the design change for that as well vs. on-premise hosted web sites?
  • [8:50] What about phone or windows 8 modern apps? How do they authenticate to services that are hosted on azure?
  • [12:10] What are some of the unique risks or security issues that apply to azure applications?
  • [15:54] How are these applications deployed securely to Windows Azure?
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