Completed my VCP5 certification today!

@NewHorizonsCLC – Nearly 14 years ago I started out my IT career at a New Horizons center becoming an MCSE not knowing that one day I would be working at Microsoft, and then today I found myself at a New Horizons center to finish my VMware VCP certification.  I highly encourage people to try out the new remote-based courses offered by New Horizons.  I attended the VMware course remotely from my office last week and found it to be an outstanding experience.  Some people may ask why I would need a VMware certification when I’m working at Microsoft? Well the answer is simple, the majority of workloads that run on VMware implementations are Windows based virtual machines.  Even with Windows Server 2012 HyperV charging full steam ahead, I need to know how things work with the other virtualization hypervisors.  Plus it is always good to keep your certifications updated.  Good stuff!

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