Microsoft Skype/Lync Federation change for new IP address October 2 2015

While most customers and partners will receive this information via their account teams, I am sharing for broader reach. We are updating the way our customers/partners federate with Microsoft.   Prior to the change on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 8:00 PM PDT, customers need to update their federation using URL filtering. If you or your customers…

Some of the change work with Lync Dedicated Voice

I joined the Lync Dedicated team in Office 365 4 years ago to help launch our voice offering in the cloud. The offering allows for PSTN connectivity using Sip Trunks from qualified UCOIP vendors who connect to our approved Edge Sites or the customer can deploy their own SBC, also from the UCOIP qualified devices….

OT: Managing Lync Projects with Project, SharePoint and VSTF

Having started with Live Communications Server 2003, I have seen every release we have including a move 2 years ago to Office 365 working on Lync Dedicated and the PSTN Voice service offering. My role today leverages much of my technical skills but as the Program Manager my value to the team is ensuring that…


Summary of Lync Voice with Jabra device portfolio

Our team was put in contact with Jabra and offered an opportunity to test the form factors they provide customers for proof of concepts when deploying Lync. High level findings Monoaural devices – I prefer for when I want to hear additional sounds. Binaural devices – I prefer when I want to enjoy listening…


Keep that AOL PIC communication channel: How to Establish Direct Federation with AIM

AOL and Yahoo had each reached an end of life statement with PIC, however AOL lives on with a direct federation option! Excerpt from page: Microsoft Lync Customers:How to Establish Direct Federation with AIM AOL is pleased to offer Microsoft Lync customers the opportunity to continue their current federation with AIM and establish new…


Lync team blog and NextHop blog have moved

Update May 20 John Weber to the rescue – Next Hop in a box Original Post As part of an overall Office initiative, the Lync Team Blog and the NextHop Blog have been consolidated into the new Office blogs. The move was made in response to customer feedback that content was difficult to find….


Missed Lync Conference 2014 this past February in Las Vegas?

Couldn't make the Lync Conference 2014 event and want to see all the great presentations? The content is now publicly posted Enjoy TomL LCSKid

Trend – converting IM to audio

It just dawned on me today that I've noticed a recent trend with Lync. While I start conversations with IM, they almost immediately become an audio call. There are a few folks that simply do not like typing which makes sense but ultimately the result is far better as you get more of the persons…


May 9 8pm SIPFED IP Address change

Update April 28 Here is the email sent internally to those of us registered as the Microsoft contact for a customer federation. CUTOVER Lync Federation changes will take effect on Saturday May 9th and the new IP’s and ports will need to be implemented by your customers and partners on their firewall to continue your…

Lync for Mac client version info for those preparing for Lync Server 2013 upgrades

We have just started the effort to upgrade our Lync Online Dedicated customer deployments to Lync Server 2013. As we prepare the customers for this task, the minimum client versions have to be communicated and there is an interesting discrepancy between the version displayed in the Lync for Mac user interface and the version the…