W14 work slows the blog posting

The cycle of product release has impacted my posting again as I am working with the next client/server for OCS which means I don’t get to post content about the release. I always point people to the public site on microsoft.com to avoid ever saying anything too soon. I also have been working with the…


OCS 2007 Public Beta

Man I cannot wait for the public beta to get here. I have been playing with some of the resource kit tools but I can’t say anything. For those of you that will play with our new voice technology it will be exciting. Only a few more weeks and I can start to put up…


VoiceCon 2007

In my new role I will have my first opportunity to attend an Industry event instead of just a Microsoft event. If you will be attending VoiceCon this March in Florida, please feel free to send me email and say hi while there.


LCS: Carolina IT Professionals Group

Tuesday January 9th, 3 of us (Tom, Matt and Chad) will be presenting to the local Carolina IT Professionals Group for Live Communications Server. On the chance you are in the Charlotte, NC area please feel free to come by.  


Voice, Video, IM at home and work

Supporting customers on technology and using technology are very different. With the changes in Unified Communications though that line is beginning to blur. I am thoroughly excited about what is in store for the 2007 product release in the area of conferencing and voice technologies (for those running Exchange 2000 Conferencing, you have waited a…


How do I determine what I post?

Determining my posts – The complexity of an issue and how much information can be shared to shed light on a subject. For example I have a customer issue with phone normalization. What looks like an easy post starts to be come complex with ABS and Communicator both being factors. With that customer issue I…


Gaim as a client alternative

I received an email via the blogs from Arun this week about the options he has to connect to LCS while running a UNIX/Linux OS. The Microsoft solution is Communicator Web Access, but this is a server install enabling browser support for clients. Like many of us Arun is not that admin so this is…


Trillian client no longer in Google Pack

This post is not about LCS and Communicator specifically but about IM in general. Due to my unique role in supporting our PIC customers (Public Internet Connectivity), I need to have an account on AOL/MSN/Yahoo! in order to test with the customer what they are experiencing. I don’t really use any of the three accounts…