Mobility and Lync Server 2010

With the release of Lync Server 2010 a common request is around the mobility offerings. Unless someone points to another authoritative resource from Microsoft I think this page which states that it is our plan but not give any dates is the best message we have currently –   If I hear otherwise I will…


CoMo display issue on Samsung Omnia II

We had a customer report an issue to their local Microsoft Consultant when running Communicator Mobile on a Samsung Omnia II device. The display has a black background which causes a problem trying to view the content typed, also in Black. The workaround provided was to change the Windows Mobile theme to “Rock and Republic”…


Communicator Mobile 2007

Communicator Mobile 2007 has released Please note that Communicator Mobile 2007 just like Communicator Web Access 2007 is still an IM only experience (CWA does offer control over the telephony settings but isn’t a voice endpoint). I posted about the device emulator approach when I was handling the beta responsibilities for Communicator Mobile 2005 and…


Communicator Mobile the silent refresh

The product group released an update to Communicator Mobile on June 23. I believe this was a situation of taking advantage of our product cycle along with the localized versions but thought you might want to know. Typically if you have an issue the first words from us support folks will be “Did you test…


Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile Product Support Guide

Introduction Installation ISSUE: Installation Prerequisites cause problems when not addressed. In addition to the software and hardware requirements specified in the Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 Planning and Deployment Guide, the following are installation pre-requisites for the Communicator Mobile client: §  You must not install Communicator Mobile on a storage card. §  The folder to…


Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile has RTM’ed!

Office Communicator Mobile just released to web and is now available for download from I will be adding an issues posting that was not included in the release notes or documentation for the product. They will be public KB articles shortly. Toml LCS Kid


LCS RTC – An official product team blog

In its infancy but it has begun, an official RTC blog with product group involvement.  I will continue this blog as it represents the support aspect of our product but I expect to help contribute to posts on that site from time to time also. Thanks for your patience and I hope that you…


LCS – Mobile device client announcement

Have a mobile device and want Instant Messaging to your corporate Live Communications Server?,1759,1787862,00.asp   Given that this is still an announcement with no public beta currently, I will not be posting any “secret information”. Toml LCSKid