Test for technical bulletins

This is how I am proposing we push content publicly, specifically the technical bulletins. Can you get this link to display the pdf without problem (no challenge for credentials). http://lcskid.members.winisp.net/Technical%20Bulletins/Configuring%20LCS%202005%20wSP1%20for%20Multiple%20Domains.pdf


LCS 2005 User Replicator FAQ

FAQ: 1. What does User Replicator do? User Replicator is responsible for ensuring that the LCS 2005 user database (MSDE for SE; SQL Server for EE pool) and Active Directory are synchronized. What this means is that any time an LCS enabled user object is created or modified in Active Directory, it is User Replicator’s…


Creating a new SQL instance for LCS 2005 Archiving

I have not documented every single screen step, any step I do not explicitly called out, use the default selection and continue.   SQL 2000 – Autorun SQL Server 2000 Components Install Database Server             SQL 2000 SP2 and below error   Enter name of computer for new instance – Keep the default of Local…