Adding new blog to follow - Premal

Premal Gandhi of our escalation team has started a blog which can be really valuable given he sees the issues that are most problematic which tend to give all of us our most valuable learnings. Due to the type of issues he receives you won’t likely find daily/weekly posts but you will most certainly be…


Hard to find DVT tool document

We had a question regarding the whereabouts of the OCS Deployment Validation Solution document. I found it with a helpful hint from Rui by downloading the 2007 version of the tool – DVT.MSIT – Choosing the default location the doc was found at C:\Office Communications Server Deployment Validation Tool\OCS_Deployment_Validation_Solution.doc The tool did not change…


Released Doc: Hardware Load Balancing with Office Communications Server 2007 R2

May 3 – The document has been pulled in order to address some last minute edits. I expect an update for ETA this week based on the schedules of those involved. For those of you that were looking for content around load balancing OCS 2007 R2, the doc you want has just been released. The effort…


Where are OC 2007 R2 Recent Contacts stored?

A customer question was raised about wanting to delete the Recent Contacts entry list for users due to some alias changes and migrations. Nobody knew the answer right away and I was pretty sure it would be in the backend database somewhere. Turns out it is kept client side. If you want to know WHERE…


Looking for information on upgrading OCPE (Tanjay)?

Rick Varvel, Microsoft Consulting Services comes through with another great paper. I mentioned his papers for the Edge Server in the past and he has now dedicated time to the OC Phone Edition (OCPE, Tanjay) upgrade process. Due to some of our programs purchasing devices in advance of program needs for budget reasons we ended…


Archiving high available beyond just a cluster (OCS 2007)

This is a guest post from John Lamb of Modality Systems. John is an MVP and in a recent dialog about architecting a solution that addressed the lack of support for Archive Server clustering John mentioned having completed one. In John’s words: “We designed a very large EE Pool with 3-tier OCS Archiving and this…


OCS R2 MMC Find users : Could not create the query dialog

We had an internal question about a deployment where an upgrade from OCS 2007 to OCS 2007 R2 was resulting in the error: Could not create the query dialog in the MMC.  Here is how the consultant described the customer problem: I just completed a migration from OCS R1 to R2 and almost everything is…


R2 Content Online including Migration from OCS 2007

The Office Communications Server 2007 R2 documentation has been online for a while although really only the client content. The server content has been loaded this week. I will share that due to logistics around the site the R2 content exists in the Server Products and Technologies hierarchy for the current time and we expect…


TextAnalysisTool.Net – Fantastic tool for analyzing large log files

From my bio and posts you may have caught on to the fact I have supported this product since LCS 2003 and switched to Program Management (not for a feature or component but more of running projects and working with customers and partners in managed programs) around 2007. In the support role and continued today…


IP-IP Gateway Configuration Notes - external resource

Chris was kind of to share his blog post on IP-IP Gateway configuration: