Lync team blog and NextHop blog have moved

Update May 20

John Weber to the rescue - Next Hop in a box

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As part of an overall Office initiative, the Lync Team Blog and the NextHop Blog have been consolidated into the new Office blogs.

The move was made in response to customer feedback that content was difficult to find.

Moving forward, all Lync related blog posts will be posted to Office Blogs. Lync content can be found at



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, Soder – I was blindsided by this as well, only seeing the announcement of the change today and never hearing an original proposal with input. I have been blogging since LCS which I hope gives credence to the value I believe there is and as well I
    was part of the launch for NextHop being part of the core team and technical reviewer when appropriate.

    I disagree with the approach but being blindsided I don’t know where to start.
    The best I can hope is that our Lync Community and MVPs will voice their complaints through those channels.

    Sadly, I am just a messenger on this one.

  2. Jeff M says:

    Was there confirmation if the original nexthop links and content would be lost? Or will there be any auto redirects configured so prior articles don’t reference dead links?

  3. soder says:

    Tom, with all respect, what you say is a pure BS.
    Content difficult to find on nexthop?? And in contrast easy to find on office blog? Are you speaking really seriously? You guys (I dont know who personally, then lets say the team guilty in charge) destroyed one of the best technet blogs, and THE best one regarding
    On the other hand, the office blog is like a low-quality, unprofessional chinese market: full of useless and valueless posts (mostly paid customer cases), difficult -if not entirely possible- to filter on certain topics, 99% of the content is about office365
    that the majority of the onpremise Lync-admin community dont care about etc.
    Also I didnt remember a damn vote run on the nexthop blog, so the community could decide what should be the fate of this blog, instead of somebody -remember, we still dont know a name, who pulled the trigger- making the decision all by himself/herself, without
    asking your fans, MVPs the community etc.
    Please also destroy the official Exchange blog, and merge it into this same office blog, so that the exchange admin community cannot located relevant deep technical contents anymore as well.
    I cannot understand with my mind, what did this blog wrong, so it had to be wiped out. Did it consume so much diskspace on MS servers, did it generate so much traffic or what? Why cannot be preserved it in a read-only mode, adding no new content, but preserving
    the URLs for the future in order not to break hyperlinks all over the internet pointing to articles here? Also I would not need to waste a couple of my weekends backing up the useful articles from your server..
    Guys, I am disappointed in the entire team, seriously.

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