Lync Online Dedicated, what does that mean?

Having been in my new role for just under two months I feel I have come to understand better what the dedicated offering is and will share for those that may have wondered. I am focusing on Lync as I work in this area but I believe that this could apply to Exchange and to…


Ultimate Voice Promotion

I became aware of this promotion due to following Chris Norman on Twitter @VoipNorm where he tweeted a blog post    As part of advertising this I received a direct email asking why this was restricted to the US and how a UK person could participate in the technical portion. The promotion aspect is…


Even Dilbert gets Lync!

Check out the December 9, 2011 Dilbert cartoon!  


Little tidbit on the R2 IM Only and No Voice text in 2415902

There was a question today on the behavior with the update in which adds further text to the presence states for IM Only and No Voice. The question is why are the text phrases different and the reason is we are using “positive/negative” phrasing of capabilities.  If you are Available, we indicate the possible…