How to force the use of the Lync Web App? Just append this to the url – ?sl=1

Update February 8, 2011 – Changing the article title to Lync Web App as we tend to discuss reach as an experience and not any specific client experience.

Update February 4 2011 – Turns out Jens has an article with more depth on the Lync Web App - 

I was hosting a call today with external customers and there was a requirement they be able to view a shared presentation but not everyone had the Lync client or some that did were restricted to internal only connections and no Edge/Firewall support for external, which necessitated the web experience.

Turns out there is a rather easy solution to the problem. Take the meeting url and append the following


You should then see this page:


TomL LCSKid (thanks to Brian for sharing)

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