Communicator for Mac 2011

Updated November 10 with more details on Mac Messenger 8.x for Hotmail. Updated November 7 with answer re: Enterprise Voice and a question about forums you use – Updated October 26 with a Volume License reference below I have received a new Macbook Pro in order to get a first hand experience with the non-Windows…


OCS 2007 R2 Group Chat–SIOPS?

Has the term SIOPs (Standard Input Output Panels) been mentioned in regards to Group Chat and you wondered what they were only to find that an Internet search turns up links saying it isn’t supported? They were not supported when Group Chat released but added later and when the documentation was published the term SIOP…


Addition to Phones and Devices for Communicator / Lync

With the OCS product there has been one vendor that we have heard a request to support more than any other – SNOM. Announced this week was a new criteria with the devices in addition to the Optimized certification, Other Compatible Phones. While the name may not be as sexy what it does provide a…


Lync 2010 Upload Presentation without interrupting active presenter

I joined an internal meeting today with multiple presenters and I was asked whether I had content to upload. I had a really short (3 slide) PowerPoint presentation but we were in an active meeting with a presenter in the middle of his talk. It turns out when you select Share, PowerPoint Presentation after you…


Upgrading Lync Server 2010 Release Candidate to RTM–No

Once we post the bits for a pre-release product like we did with the Release Candidate (RC) of  Lync Server 2010, the questions start coming pretty quick about the ability to upgrade from that pre-release version to the released version. There is no supported way for customers evaluating the public bits to do this. It…


OT: Let Me Bing That For You

I found this neat resource today when I asked someone a question when they weren’t the right team for the technology. I selfishly used my moniker for the sample:   TomL LCSKid


Good example of needing to understand Windows Domain principles: AD Groups with Group Chat

There was an internal question about the ability to use Windows Active Directory Groups for securing Group Chat channels. Not finding it in the Group Chat content* I switched to my lab and created a group including the user that I first confirmed had access. I then removed that user and noticed that the client…


Group Chat R2 Certificates–To add client auth or not?

A recent customer issue had the question asked of why a new certificate with Client Authentication in the Enhanced Key Usage (EKU) in addition to Server Authentication fixed an issue for the Group Chat Administration Console connecting successfully. I took a screen shot of my Group Chat Server Configuration for the Machine Wide settings where…


Group Chat File upload issue

In testing Group Chat with an XP workstation for a customer, I found I could not upload a file successfully. The truth is that I haven’t been able to do this for a while but ignored it. I could not ignore it this time as I had to confirm as much functionality as possible. I…


Group Chat counters – Active Endpoints, Active Users and the difference

We are working on an effort to provide some guidance on monitoring the health of a Group Chat deployment and included are these two counters: MGC:SERVER – 01 – MGC Server Networking.\MGCSERVER – 003 – Active Endpoints MGC:SERVER – 01 – MGC Server Networking.\MGCSERVER – 011 – Active Users When you are monitoring even a…