Good example of needing to understand Windows Domain principles: AD Groups with Group Chat

There was an internal question about the ability to use Windows Active Directory Groups for securing Group Chat channels. Not finding it in the Group Chat content* I switched to my lab and created a group including the user that I first confirmed had access. I then removed that user and noticed that the client immediately indicating losing access to the channel, and then I added the AD Group and still did not have access. So I replied back and said – no we don’t support groups.

Interesting enough I had 2 phone calls with customers and I casually asked about using groups, the first said they use them and the second said not only do they use them but they prefer them and wanted some help on some issues with them. As soon as I hear them say it worked I took pause and almost immediately I knew what I did wrong – updating the user logon with the newly refreshed group membership!

While I was happy to remember quickly what the issue was and confirmed with testing, it caused some of my peers to have to apologize to their customer because I was not thorough. Thankfully that appears to have been a minor incident but if that customer happens to catch this post, I apologize for providing an incorrect answer and not testing as thoroughly as I should have.


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