OCS 2007 R2 Capacity Planning – StressConfig and OU names

There was a customer topology which included the same OU name as shown in this simple example

Edit - June 14, Keith Hanna of MCS shared the customer issue, his profile is here on Next Hop - Keith Hanna


                Ou = northamerica

                                Ou = sales

                                Ou = marketing

                Ou = Europe

                                Ou = sales

                                Ou = marketing


The question is how do I define the correct SALES OU I want the users created in. Turns out you can’t, the tool does a search and thus chooses the first OU matching that name. There are a few workarounds you could user here

  1. Create a new OU with a unique name
  2. Rename one of the OU’s
  3. Create the users using StressConfig and then move them to the OU you desire after the fact with Active Directory Users and Computers.

One of our original thoughts on this was trying to define the OU using the Canonical name, that it didn’t work as you can see from this screen shot. The gold highlight shows the container object and then the property dialog, the red highlight shows the result of using that CN value in the StressConfig tool. Hey it was worth a try.





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