Group Chat CU5 – User Colors Sproc modification required

Update October 25, 2010 with SQL table information at the bottom of the post

Did you deploy Group Chat CU5 and expect the User Colors functionality, I did and so did others, we appear to have an undocumented stored procedure change to communicate. We are investigating whether it truly is undocumented or if a later update has the solution so for now let me share the modification and to link to the social forums where the info was first shared (that I know of).

Note that they also mention the SQL Management Studio Express solution

Preferences before sproc change:


1. Start the SQL Management Studio and connect to your OCS Back End server with the SQL admin account

Note: If your OCS server is Standard version, then you can download and install the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express first: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

2. Click New Query, and then run the following script, it will use store procedure RtcRegisterCategoryDef to add  custom presence category userColors (the store procedure and parameter are case sensitive):

exec rtc.dbo.RtcRegisterCategoryDef 'userColors', false, 1024

3. After running this script, we will be able to see the User Colors tab

Preferences after sproc change:


Update October 25, 2010

I had a customer discussion about the feature and they wanted to confirm which database to make the modification with – Group Chat database or the OCS Pool database (backend) and as I had conflicting information I wasn’t entirely sure my post was accurate. I asked my team and Sasa mentioned just looking at the tables, here is what that looks like once successfully completed on the RTC (OCS Pool backend) -



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