OT: 7zip, PAL and PocketMod

I enjoy following Scott Hanselman’s blog, he turned me on to PocketMod and a few months ago I tried 7zip based on his post about the tools he uses. I highly recommend you take a look as it covers a full gamut of tools. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/ScottHanselmans2009UltimateDeveloperAndPowerUsersToolListForWindows.aspx

Anyway today I am in the middle of reviewing customer data, it is a collection of data from ~20 servers over a multiple week span of time. I had been highlighting each zip file and choosing to extract the data to a directory of the file name. 7zip changed that with 1 option. I highlighted all 20 zip files, right click and selected Extract to “*\” and as simple as that the work is done.


Well I said the work is done but actually the hard work has just begun, analysis. Due to the volume of data I looked around and just started using Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool. So far the tool has promise for analyzing log data but now I have to review the output to see how relevant it is.

If anyone knows of other powerful performance log analysis tools, please let me know. Obviously there is interest in it being able to analyze OCS product counters.


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