W14 work slows the blog posting

The cycle of product release has impacted my posting again as I am working with the next client/server for OCS which means I don’t get to post content about the release. I always point people to the public site on microsoft.com to avoid ever saying anything too soon.

I also have been working with the Next Hop team which has diverted some of my blog posts from here and the Communication Server Team blog there because it is part of our OCS TechNet pages for the product which helps to position the content more authoritative. I worked on the article What Is the Maximum Number of Groups I Can Create in Communicator? Keep an eye on this article as we received feedback on the incorrect location for setting, originally I said the Forest level when it was the Pool level and we might include some information on 1 or 2 other client behaviors. I am also working on a document that discusses the behavior of server to server MTLS connections which when the Load Balancer isn’t configured properly could show some interesting Front End Server load. The delay in publishing comes from going through a formal edit process, which painful at times does result in a better article and also the overlap of some other work and trying to publish in a cohesive manner.

No I don’t have a lab running with W14 but I am supposed to have one and really should have it by end of week but I seem to continue getting distracted and the one thing I will share as a heavy hint – get those PowerShell skills started if you haven’t already.


<republished 4:00 EDT for minor grammar issues>

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