DrRez on Twitter – More info

I was chatting with a friend last night in our documentation team and he mentioned DrRez. I checked it out and found they have been broadcasting information for the OCS Community. Just like any big company most of the time you don’t know all that is going on. With a recent reorg our two teams…

R2 Content Online including Migration from OCS 2007

The Office Communications Server 2007 R2 documentation has been online for a while although really only the client content. The server content has been loaded this week. I will share that due to logistics around the site the R2 content exists in the Server Products and Technologies hierarchy for the current time and we expect…


UCVUG Kickoff Meeting

Please see the below link for the kickoff meeting for the Unified Communications Virtual User Group. While not presenting, I will be in attendance. The link for the meeting announcement and invite: http://ucvuglaunch.eventbrite.com/ The link for the UCVUG site – http://ucvug.org/default.aspx  TomL LCSKid

Communicator R2 Custom Presence not working?

Henry pointed out that my original post on Custom Presence was helpful up to the point of actually using it and couldn’t figure out why only https was working. I have not found this documented and in fact there is no KB article on it so I will start that process as well but the…


R2 Capacity Planning Tool Released

For those of you working with earlier product versions you will recall we had a Capacity Planning tool with LCS 2005 Sp1 but nothing for 2007. The R2 version has released as promised to many customers – http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=f8cbddd6-7608-4bbe-9246-16e96c62bef4 Please recognize that the tool is not providing capacity abilities for Group Chat. TomL LCSKid

Customers/Partners developing business solutions with R2

When LCS was first introduced we used the terminology of the product being a presence platform and if you think of the solution being a platform in that it provides the core architecture for handling presence of endpoints that you are able to create custom code and workflow for I think it makes sense. Not…

OT – Live Messenger on Windows 7 (beta)

Today Karsten has been added to my list of heroes with an answer to an annoying problem – Live Messenger behavior on Windows 7 now operates differently when you minimize and close (and I don’t like it)! http://blogs.technet.com/kpalmvig/archive/2009/03/24/windows-7-minimize-live-messenger-to-systray.aspx TomL LCSKid


Monitoring Server generates error when viewing reports

<Update May 11, 2009 – Thomas Binder was kind enough to point out this troubleshooter on Technet that one of his partners used to solve their problems>   I had a question last week about my Monitoring Server setup and while we did not get all issues resolved, Windows 2008 and IIS7 involves a learning curve….

TextAnalysisTool.Net – Fantastic tool for analyzing large log files

From my bio and posts you may have caught on to the fact I have supported this product since LCS 2003 and switched to Program Management (not for a feature or component but more of running projects and working with customers and partners in managed programs) around 2007. In the support role and continued today…


R2 not working as expected with PIC and EASI domains

Morten sent a question via the comments about a problem with R2 and trying to add PIC users with EASI domains. Turns out one of the customers in our R2 technology adoption program (TAP) reported this with the failing steps and the workaround Start Communicator Go to Tools – Add a Contact Enter a PIC…