Group Chat – plugging others blogs…

I am preparing for a presentation on Group Chat installation to the UCVUG next week and what I am trying to do is to go through the process after having asked many others for their setup process modifications and suggestions based on numerous customer efforts. My goal is to help provide a very solid and linear approach to setup all while documenting the nuances in order to improve our own Group Chat documentation. When I first asked my peers about this, out of the gate 2 pieces were quickly identified as top notch, one was from a Microsoft Consultant in Denmark and the other was Elan’s blog:

I think it would be hard pressed to find a more thorough walk through of the process to setup the SQL database and apply the necessary permissions as Elan has done. It is so good in fact I already have it as a comment to be inserted to the current documentation for update consideration.

The second blog I found was tonight and I found it because while I started with Elan’s work last week, I was walking through some account work again with new names but forgot about my database security requirements. The event ID I focused on was a failure to create the Group Chat log so I opened my browser and tried the following query:

ocs mgc error creating log file group chat

Looking at that query you probably have the same thought I had, good luck! Oh but look what I found from Mark who had a post on The Three UC Amigos. 

In my case I started with 6 given it worked for Mark’s customer, it didn’t work so I then chose 4 after thinking about my awkward process and that fixed the Channel service but not the Lookup service and then I tried step 2 and sure enough I was up and running.

I bought dinner for the consultant when we were in Seattle last month so I offer him another thank you, but I owe Elan and Mark a bit more than a thank you on this one.


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