OT – Live Messenger on Windows 7 (beta)

Today Karsten has been added to my list of heroes with an answer to an annoying problem – Live Messenger behavior on Windows 7 now operates differently when you minimize and close (and I don’t like it)!



Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You remove Live Messenger in Control Panel, Add/Remove programs. If I have somehow missed what you are looking for you may need to find someone who is consistently posting about IE or Messenger, my area is with Office Communications Server.

  2. bartilinski says:

    downloaded IE7 Beta (optimized for Google!). I found there is no way to turn off (permanently) messenger. Now it takes me 30 seconds longer to boot up each day. I find no place/option to select turning messenger off, no uninstall utility, no messenger program to delete under control panel. Guess I could install an older version, hopefully it would delete it. Other ideas?

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