OCS PIC with AOL and corporate domains

So MSN/Live/Hotmail offers alternate domain names for corporate use (sometimes referred to as vanity names) and you can IM between OCS and MSN/Live/Hotmail with the following syntax username(contoso.com)@msn.com  (original post).

AOL offers this service (unsure of Yahoo!) but that same syntax won't work with AOL as their gateway doesn't support that syntax.

No word on when or if this will change in the future.

TomL LCSKid, today's post credited to Ken

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  1. John3058 says:

    We recieved this from AOL

    In the case of Identity Services customer’s domains (who all are of the form @somedomain.com) we recommend to be visible and available for connectivity with LCS domains, the domained screenname site should publish a DNS resource record in the following format, where example.com represents the customer’s domain:

    _SIPFederationTLS._TCP.example.com 3600 IN SRV 0 1 5061 sip.oscar.aol.com.

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