Edge Planning Tool for Office Communications Server 2007

One of my main responsibilities is managing Microsoft Consultants to work with our customers and partners in our beta/TAP programs. With both consulting and support involved each group gains product familiarity early and helps prepare their organization for when the product releases. One of the consultants was able to take his wealth of knowledge on our Edge Server roles and the challenges of configuring to be used for the purposes of creating this planning tool. One neat thing about this project is that we had a college intern (Miru) functioning as the Program Manager for this project as well this was an excellent example of cross-group collaboration (forgive me, it is review time).

I have asked the consultant to provide us a write up on the tool and likely that will be posted on the http://communicationsserverteam.com/default.aspx blog so stay tuned.

The Edge Planning Tool for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 provides settings for configuring your perimeter network based on information that you provide to the tool.


The Edge Planning Tool asks questions about your proposed or current edge server deployment. The tool uses your answers and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 best practices to generate the following reports:

  • Settings that you can use to configure your certificates, DNS services, and firewalls
  • Custom documentation for configuring your edge servers, reverse proxy, and next hop server
  • A comparison of your answers to Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 best practices


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Deploying Edge servers can be a challenge.There is a lot of excellent documentation available, but especially the certificates, dns and firewall configuration can be quite challenging. But help is on its way! From the documentation: About the Edge Planning

  2. Aaron Tiensivu's Blog says:

    Oh, if only I had this utility last year when I was wrapping my head around all the possible OCS edge server configurations and which ones would not work correctly or end up in the unsupported realm. The Edge Planning Tool asks questions about your p

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