VoIP as you are marketing video

Check out the latest marketing video for VoIP as you are video. It is 15 minutes long and includes the Sklar brothers of Cheap Seats fame (or at least where I first learned of them)'


If you listen close the quick discussion on security (TLS and SRTP) is accurate and the simple pizza box diagram of including OCS with a PBX and gateway is accurate as well the company references are all legit, in fact they all came through our team's technical efforts to ramp them up. Our team has Customer and Partner programs (TAP/Beta) and Deployment Readiness and this project blurred the lines of both providing deployment readiness via internal Microsoft consultants globally. Our team did not make this video <grin>.


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  1. Marc LaFleur says:

    FYI: That site doesn’t seem to work if you have Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 installed. It keeps asking me to install Silverlight 1.0/

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