Planning Tool for OCS 2007

For those of you that had to put a lot of thought into the Make it Real customer scenario question during Voice Ignite, you will be glad to know that a tool now exists to help you with that initial estimate of servers required for a deployment.

I was fortunate enough to test this during the Voice Ignite in Florida but had to keep quite as it wasn't released yet. Stephanie graciously shared the stage with me during our internal technical event in Seattle this February.

The release of this tool causes me to rethink the deploy series I have failed to maintain. Look for that effort to be restarted, with a twist.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    JMW – please send me email with the screen shots and also the version of OS and .NET Framework.

  2. John Weber says:

    This tool – something wrong.

    First, it won’t run on my laptop, but will run on the VM under the host.  Strange.

    And, it comes up all hashed up.

    The internal window is all cut up, can’t see the outer edges of any of the four sides.

    I am willing to send screen shots if it will help fix my problem.  I have reproduced on xpsp2 and vista as well as win2k3.

    Bummer – I saw this tool in Phx Ignite, and I think it is a tremendous thing – I would love for it to work.


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