Communicator Mobile 2007

Communicator Mobile 2007 has released

Please note that Communicator Mobile 2007 just like Communicator Web Access 2007 is still an IM only experience (CWA does offer control over the telephony settings but isn't a voice endpoint).

I posted about the device emulator approach when I was handling the beta responsibilities for Communicator Mobile 2005 and my friend Matt who helped with that and with 2007 provided a nice little update, a stand alone emulator!

For those who do not have Smart Phones or Pocket PC devices, you can now install a standalone device emulator download from the web:

This standalone version has the WM 5.0 images installed. You can then download Windows Mobile 6 SDK so you have images Mobile 6 images.

Since I still have my Windows Mobile 2003 SE device, I have not used this for my personal use yet, anyone have a recommended device from the Cingular/AT&T group (my current contract)?


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Comments (3)

  1. I have been using the 8525 for about two months.  The big selling points are the big screen, easier to use keyboard (vs. things like the Treo’s or Blackberry’s keyboard), and WM6 support.  The only minus is that the unit is a bit bulky (though with a belt clip/holster I don’t notice it much).

  2. Greg Kamer says:

    I agree on the 8525.  I hear the new version of said phone, the Tilt (8925) is going to be available this Friday.

    I have an 8525 and love it.  It is a bit bulky, but the performance and functionality is second to none.

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