Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.3

Messenger for Mac 6.0.3 has released to the web. Allow me to share one item for those of you aggressive enough to be playing with Office Communications Server 2007 - this is not the client for Mac allowing you to experience the new rich presence.

So what does and admin and end user do - well I suspect that the bulk of the folks using a Mac don't also use a PC so you simply make sure that you enable them for OCS and DO NOT ENABLE FOR ENHANCED PRESENCE.

But what if you are a PC user who has a Mac for testing or at home, what do you do? Well you stay with enhanced presence for the improvements and patiently wait. You can use Communication Web Access using IE or Safari on the Mac (this assumes the admin has updated the CWA server to the new 2007 version).


ps - I have just returned from my paternity leave and catching up, one big thing is that I have to rebuild my virtual machine environment.... again!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t test the client internally due to the Enhanced Presence (I have been using this for almost a year in beta)

    I assume your question for full integrated client is about Mac – right now Communicator Web Access is still the solution from the Unified Communications team and they are working on the next version. Too early for them to provide features for us.

    I have not tested Public IM as most of my contacts are internal or federate with us.

  2. AB says:

    Hi did you test "Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.3" with RTM of OCS 2007? What was you experiences? Do you know when will Microsoft release full integrated OCS Client (incl. A/V Meeting)?

    Additinally, did you test the "Public IM" connectivity with "Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.3"? I haerd "A/V Meeting" does not work?

    Thank in advance


  3. Communicator says:

    Messenger for Mac is only working as stated above with standard presence and without audio/video support. Microsoft is working on a Office Communicator for Mac and will hopefully release it by mid of 2008. btw even the public IM connectivity does not work with audio/video (even not with MSN!, I have tested it). The only way is to go through federation, which is not really an option if you have a lot of company you would like to federate with!

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