OCS Deploy Series: Phase 1 (SE) Take 2

I did not intend for such a long time to complete this series but I guess the nice thing is that it does show what happens when you take this task on as an extra task to your schedule.

The problems with the original set of VMs will have to be addressed and they will but as I don't care about an Enterprise deployment yet I have another option - the OCS Ignite virtual machines. The Ignite is a series of events providing customers and partners exposure to the product and technology. I attended a local practice event in Chicago earlier this week (hats off to Drew as host and Angie as presenter). The nice thing about the event is that they use only 4 virtual machines and 1 of those is dedicated to archiving so I can do this all in 3 machines plus my AudioCodes MP 114 for voice as the labs did.

Due to being employed at Microsoft I will be using a later version of the product not available to the public - this means the screen shots I use will differ from your Public Beta version but may not be the final RTM version either.

My goal - publish Phase 1 Take 2 deployed by end of day Thur/Fri!

TomL - OCSKid

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