OCS Deploy Series: Phase 1 – Pesky VMs and loopback adapter

I was able to get my DTAP enabled for configuring this setup so that it is available to me on the public internet. That makes sharing logs for failed setup and wizard actions really hard. I enabled the loopback adapter on my host machine and then added to the Domain Control in my VMs. I was successful in getting the file over but then something happened. Only some of this could be the loopback adapter - I couldn't find the domain anymore.

I disabled the loopback adapter, cleaned up DNS but even still no domain. Oddly enough my OCS application is installed but there is nothing in Active Directory! The suspicion here is a shut down of the VMs without saving the undo disk. I tend to be rather careful but admittedly I have a lot going on right now so it woudl be an easy oversight. Wow this has certainly been the most maddening VM experience I have had to date and I am not even done.

So I am now in the start of the install again, I will be interested to see what conflicts I find with preexisting installs. Oh and this means I have to do LCS 2003 prep, and LCS 2005 prep, ahhh...

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