Microsoft Response Point beta

Are you a small business customer? Are you a partner and provide services to the small business community?

Update April 19th - Eric Swift put a much better explanation of the two technologies 

Microsoft is putting out a product to assist the small business with their phone systems. I am reviewing this as a possible option for a local non-profit with about 50 users. 

Today there is no crossover for this technology and the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 voice technologies. It will be interesting to see what happens as both products release and we all become more familiar with each offering. Right now I see them as 2 different solutions for 2 different customer types and not necessarily the size. This is a phone system replacment that allows you to leverage existing PBX technology and administration. OCS 2007 is more about altering the entire experience to leverage the PC as your voice endpoint.

If you happen to use the product I would really appreciate hearing of your experiences and feedback, especially if you are a non-profit. Keep in mind that during a beta your correspondance can not be public so you would have to email me - toml at microsoft dot com


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