Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.2 release – logging clarification

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0.2, released Jan 30, 2007

I would like to let you know that the logging paragraph, included below, implies unfortunately that the logging is logging everything. Sadly this is not true and the logging will only work with the Personal (MSN) sessions. To be clear the Microsoft Messenger for Mac client is a multiple stack (2) client similar to Windows Messenger. This allows you to use one client UI to sign-in to multiple services. In this case you sign in to MSN (Personal) and LCS (SIP protocol Corporate tab).

So you were hopping to deploy this new client for your LCS deployment and resolve the lack of logging issue? Well thankfully one customer has said that to be true and I have worked with the Mac team to put in a tracking request that the next version include that. Most of us not running the client are ok with that, but for those deploying it, why do I have to wait? Well don't... send me in email (toml at microsoft dot com) your company name, your total number of LCS seats and how many of those are MAC clients. Be honest when you say what the impact is - can you deal with LCS server side logging, if not why not? Can you deploy LCS using TCP over port 5060 and install Wireshark on your Mac workstation? Annoyance sure, but any reason why you can't? I am not minimizing the problem or effort what I am doing it making sure I don't put in a request that would cause the team to over prioritize this request over another, remember decisions have to be made as time and money are not endless even for the Microsoft empire 🙂

Additionally, Messenger for Mac 6.0.2 includes logging. Log files can help troubleshoot various problems in Messenger such as connection problems, status failures, and other issues. Enabling logs saves a file containing personal information to ~/Documents. Anyone with access to this directory can open this file. By default, Messenger logging is turned off. For more information about how to enable logging for troubleshooting problems, contact support


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my prior post I mentioned that the logging information was misleading and only handled MSN, not SIP.

  2. Tom Laciano says:


    The issue you are describing is not one that I am particularly skilled to assist with. My skills are in the area of troubleshooting the SIP connectivity of Mac Messenger and LCS. This looks to be an issue with either the MAC OS, Mac Messenger as an application and then also the MSN service. I hate not being able to help but I would rather let you know that so you may pursue the support options you have.

    Some random suggestions –

    1) can you uninstall the Mac Messenger 4.x client?

    2) can you install the Mac Messenger 5.x client?

    3) can you sign into MSN from a PC? This only proves that you are not experiencing an MSN account issue.

  3. Richard Stoneking says:

    Hello again. I am a Mac user. I have been using Messinger for Mac for a while on 2 new Macs. A laptop and a desktop. I reciently bought Office 2004 and downloaded it in both. After all the appropriate updates installed, I noticed that the Messinger on the desktop is stuck on version 4.0. It promts me to upgrade and each time I try…It does the download and skips to the end and wont give me a icon to install. My version of Messinger stays at version 4. I cant upgrade. I have downloaded successfuly the version 6.somethin from the net. It will not sign me in in. Asks me to check my password, passport etc. I have the same address and password. I think I need VALID CREDENTIALS. How do I do this. NOTE: The other Mac in my house has no problem signing on to Messinger with the same sign in info. Please help me. Rick

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