UC post for Live Communications Server 2005 Address Book Service FAQ & Troubleshooting

We have posted a FAQ for the Address Book Service to the UC Blog.

If you have further questions and clarifications on the topic feel free to comment my blog or the UC blog. This post was created based on internal discussions from the field and support which means it was driven by all the customer topology questions raised to us. 

Happy New Year - I'm still working out how are your resolutions going?

Toml LCS Kid

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I was under the impression that the default timeout is actually 10 minutes. You may want to investigate if this has been altered.

    The multiparty IM experience with the 1.0 client can be a challenge depending on what your participants are doing. I believe you have identified one of those problems.

    If I left the IM session then I no longer have that SIP session and I am really creating a new session with the same roster. If however I leave and you re-establish IM with me (right click my alias and add me back) this should work as you want. The problem of course is you can’t control what I do as a user, maybe some public ridicule 🙂

    If you are fortunate to be in a company evaulating OCS 2007 and OC 2.0, I would try the experience there, why? This would be the first place we would want to make and fixes (not saying we will just providing the preference).


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the answer to this comes from another one of the posts (how many times does that happen?)…

    OC: Multiparty IM messages generate new window after 10 minute idle period


    Definitely let us know your experience with this. I believe your company is part of the OCS 2007 evaluation so chat some folks up to see about the experience there (your experience vs my test matters because I "think" I know what you are discussing <grin>)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the fast reply.  We are using Office Communicator 2005.  I am assuming the setting of 10 minutes you are referring to would be on the "server" side and not on the "client" side.  The problem is a user in the chat may be doing something else for 5-10 minutes, but does not want the chat disconnected.  So if that user types in that "disconnected session", everybody else gets a new window.  Seems insane to me, but then again, I guess this is a Microsoft product….

    If you know of what should be changed on the server side, please let me know and I will forward to our IT..

    Thanks again for the extremely quick reply…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million!!!!!  I will let you know if it doesn’t work, but it looks like it will.

    Thanks again

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are testing Communicator 2005 in our company.  We get a chat going, as we have 16 technical support engineers for our modality spread across the US.  The problem is, if any user is "idle" for 5 minutes or longer, it "disconnects" them from the chat.  If that "disconnected user" types in the chat window, it opens all new windows for all other users that were in the first chat.

    This is driving us insane.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions to stop this from happening?  I have searched Microsofts extremely limited Communicator 2005 resource center as well as TechNet.

    One would think that it should simply re-establish that disconnected user into the same chat window, as well as the others remain in it.



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