OC – Custom Presence States

Office Communicator 2007 offers a few user defined areas, the Note, your location and Custom Presence. I am focusing on the Custom Presence as a colleague (Liam) had a question that led us into this discussion.  CustomState is discussed in the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Deployment Guide starting on page 20 and covers what I…


OCS Deployment Series: Preparing for Exchange Unified Messaging

I have continued playing with the deployment and have begun plugging in the AudioCodes MP114 VoIP Gateway and I realized I had not deployed Unified Messaging yet which has been typically deployed first for our customers participating in the Technology Adoption Program, TAP. I have access to training from an OCS Ignite session delivered for…


LiveMeeting User group with global reach

Chris sent me email today about their user group and the use of LiveMeeting to broaden their reach. You can get details from their site – http://livemeetinguser.org/ The Live Meeting User Group is a collaboration forum primarily aimed for Live Meeting users, resellers, developers, and partners.  The aim of the User Group is an occasional…


Another great blog on OCS, OC and Exchange 2007

The project I have been working on this year with Office Communications Server 2007 was with our Technology Adoption Partners (TAP), and that includes both customers and partners. Jens Trier Rasmussen was one our Microsoft Consultants (MCS) involved to assist those customers and partners with the planning of their deployments. He possesses a lot of…


Troubleshooting Office Communicator Phone Experience (a.k.a. Tanjay) Update Server

I added Chad’s blog to my links but I want to be sure you are monitoring it because he is the only other person I know of handling support issues doing a blog for this technology. Here is the troubleshooting post http://blogs.technet.com/chlacy/archive/2007/11/01/troubleshooting-office-communicator-phone-experience-a-k-a-tanjay-update-server.aspx


Deployment Series: OCS QoE Monitoring Server deployment

While my topology is not complete to provide sample output I did get to the point of installing Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Quality of Experience Monitoring Server this week. This was not as easy as I had hoped for a few reasons – I am not a SQL admin, I simply need a database…


Office Communications Server 2007 Content and Documentation

This site does not have every released component of the 2007 product but it is the one I have requested to be updated to include the missing items (Deployment Validation, Update Service were the two I found missing at this time) http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb676082.aspx Note: I will delete the prior post for the deployment validation tool as it…


OCS Deploy Series: Archiving Server

I went through and reviewed my original postings about the Deployment Series and my initial approach after I completed the archiving server install. Oh well an undocumented bonus item, in the end I need to have the entire solution deployed including some still beta bits. Archiving setup is not really that bad – you need…


OC Phone Edition wireless in the mountains!

http://www.terrygold.com/t/2007/09/wireless-in-the.html This really grabbed my attention for a few reasons – 1) I have wanted an old 1977 FJ for a while 2) My wife would probably allow #1 but she really loves the new FJ Cruiser TRD Edition (amazingly hard to find a good pic online) 3) Terry did this with the new Microsoft…


OCS Training from Global Knowledge

I happened to attend the demo of the proposed training that Thomas mentions on his blog. What I found most impressive was the involvement of Thomas and his peers of similar level to this training effort. The telephony training they planned to offer looks to be a really solid approach with 3 different delivery options from…