How do I determine what I post?

Determining my posts -

The complexity of an issue and how much information can be shared to shed light on a subject. For example I have a customer issue with phone normalization. What looks like an easy post starts to be come complex with ABS and Communicator both being factors. With that customer issue I used their exact phone numbers to test and took a bunch of screen shots (OneNote) but now I realize I can't use their numbers so do I grey them out in the screen shot or do I do this all over again with other numbers? Oh and what is an invalid number for overseas?

The frequency of an issue or question will drive a post and lately most issues we get seem to be addressed. Phone normalization happens to be a current subject of confusion.

The future or beta products is an interesting area, how much can I say without crossing the bounds of revealing too much or will what I share be changed in a later build. I think with OCS 2007 beta3 I can begin to speak on somethings (if I receive permission) but other areas will have to be omitted or really vague, for example Voice and Hardware. Beta3 is the first build with voice functionality and the hardware is still not widely available.

Can I express it in words or do I need images or would a video be better? The main thing here is finding a location to host my content and for free 🙂

 In a few weeks I will be creating 2 posts - one for the phone normalization as the customer issue was defined and one about a change in my role!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The LCSKid had a recent post on entitled " How do I determine what I post " that I found very interesting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess this is the negative to working with beta software, the silence one must keep.

  3. Marshall Harrison - "the gotspeech guy" says:

    I feel your pain.

    I’ve been using pre-beta and beta code for over a year now and it can get very frustrating as to what to blog. I want to blog about the next version of Speech Server and OCS so bad but I have all of these NDAs that say I can’t. I’ve developed a great relationship with the Speech group at Microsoft and I won’t do anything that may jeapordize that.

    The worst part of it is when you find someone who does blog about things that they shouldn’t be discussing in public. Very frustrating.

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