New Unified Communications blog started

Edit - adding the actual url 🙂

Sometimes a delay is a good thing and with the RTC blog never really getting off the ground there was room for improvement. Having such a big delay means we now get to focus a bit more on the new technology coming with Office Communications Server 2007.

Gurdeep has posted the first post for the official ribbon cutting (virtual of course). I don't know what we will get on the blog but I am hoping we take lessons from the Exchange team.

One thing to remember is that Gurdeep is head of the RTC technologies in Unified Communications so you will need to continue monitoring the Exchange group blog for the Exchange portion of Unified Communications. So if you see UC-RTC you will know that is how we refer to ourselves.

TomL LCSKid - pretty soon I will need a new UC* alias 🙂

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  1. Buldozer says:

    I’ve stumbled across a problem with RTC implementation (I’d like to call it a bug more and more) and wonder where/how I could contact the developers.

  2. toml-lcskid says:

    The method of communicating problems is through a standard support incident. If the issue is with the SDK or APIs then you should be routed to Developer Support. If your problem is with the SIP protocol or with LCS the product then you would be routed to the team handling support of LCS.

  3. Buldozer says:

    The problem seems to be in implementation of the RTC stack, which does not work as expected with some standard SIP PBX systems (in my case Cirpack). Could you please direct me to the proper place for submitting the error?

  4. toml-lcskid says:

    Feel free to email it to me directly, my alias toml and the obvious company extension. I will check into it but for the purposes of tracking the issue a support incident will likely be required. I look forward to the email.


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