Trillian client no longer in Google Pack

This post is not about LCS and Communicator specifically but about IM in general. Due to my unique role in supporting our PIC customers (Public Internet Connectivity), I need to have an account on AOL/MSN/Yahoo! in order to test with the customer what they are experiencing. I don't really use any of the three accounts for IM but I given my employment and all 3 being free I of course make use of MSN (Hotmail) for email and IM.

I actually purchased Trillian Pro because of the SIP plug-in it offered. This allows me to start a Virtual PC with Windows XP and then load Trillian to my corporate account and all 3 cloud accounts. By the way to give you a screen shot of the client check out I forgot about being able to upload a pic with each post and thought I might revisit the use of that site.

All of these background to point out an interesting article today about Trillian no longer being in the Google Pack. Maybe I am exposing the rock I live under but I had not heard of this pack although this could simply be due to the fact I am very wary of free software. So without knowing more than what this article says, what strikes me is how Google describes the products in their pack - Free, reputation for excellence and evaluated to meet Google Software Principles... it makes me wonder what Trillian failed to do or really what is Google about to offer that they are a competitive threat?,aid,125813,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp

Have a terrific day and tell your wife/husband that you love them!

Toml LCSKid

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  1. Blake Handler says:

    Strange — back on Jan 7th it wasn’t part of the Google Pack!1pt1v0Q4vD8jSvNS4lqdAuug!665.entry

    Later GoogleTalk was added as an "add-in" for the Google Pack. So I have no idea when it was "slipped-in" to then be "removed" (I guess I blinked – ha ha)

    Trillian was widely used with my customers to bridge the other IM Services. Luckily, I’ve converted most of my clients to Live Communications Server so Trillian is no longer a big issue.

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