Voice, Video, IM at home and work

Supporting customers on technology and using technology are very different. With the changes in Unified Communications though that line is beginning to blur. I am thoroughly excited about what is in store for the 2007 product release in the area of conferencing and voice technologies (for those running Exchange 2000 Conferencing, you have waited a…


How do I determine what I post?

Determining my posts – The complexity of an issue and how much information can be shared to shed light on a subject. For example I have a customer issue with phone normalization. What looks like an easy post starts to be come complex with ABS and Communicator both being factors. With that customer issue I…


Error 0x800700005 unable to open server certificate store

The above error was reported by a customer from his Access Proxy. The first thought was locked down permissions on the server to the certificate store but that was not the case.  For this customer issue they were using a domain service account instead of the local service account. Specifically – the Access Proxy was running…


December TAP Summit for OCS 2007

Mu Han has our most recent post on the UC blog regarding the Private Beta for OCS 2007. I was one of the 10 beta team members at the event this past week in Bellevue. Our job was to assist with proctoring of the labs and overall I believe they were successful. We had one…


Supportability Meetings

I was invited to join our management team for a 2.5 day visit with the product group regarding the future of OCS 2007 and the current state of the business. The reason to speak about OCS 2007 was to make sure that we (support) were hearing directly from the product group what was going to…


Off Topic: Ms. Dewey

This is just too good not to share with the folks reading this blog. http://www.msdewey.com/  Some search items to try (and retry) include janina gavankar (the actress that plays Ms. Dewey) Matrix, What is the Matrix  (enter it until you see the spoon scene)   SIP   Have Fun, TomL


How do you add a user that doesn’t have a Passport domain?

Sometimes you are reminded that you didn’t document something you thought you did. Turns out that I wasn’t even the one to write this up the first time but Gary did while he was on the team (since moved to ISA support). As of October 11, 2005 all EASI* Passport domains are fully supported for…


Mac Messenger 6.0 released

Wow, what is the chance that my last two blog entries would be about the Mac client. Install location – http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx?pid=download&location=/mac/download/misc/messenger60_download.xml Here are some of the quick highlights – ·     Universal application built to run on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs. ·        Yahoo Federation with Windows Live Messenger – You can now chat with Yahoo! Messenger contacts using…


Mac Messenger 5.1.1 problem with Communicator

After working on this issue I am not sure I can truly say I am a Mac novice but for the purposes of this audience I will mention that I do not use the Mac on a daily basis. Although the new iMac 24″ with Bootcamp and Parallels for Vista is being discussed with my…


New Unified Communications blog started

Edit – adding the actual url 🙂 http://blogs.technet.com/uc Sometimes a delay is a good thing and with the RTC blog never really getting off the ground there was room for improvement. Having such a big delay means we now get to focus a bit more on the new technology coming with Office Communications Server 2007….