LCS/OCS PIC: Provider details and troubleshooting

For those of you that have deployed LCS/OCS and are now working on your PIC (Public Internet Connectivity) setup, you may want to know what we will be asking you to provide for a reported problem. We are still working on this information so you might see it change based on input from us and…


LCS PIC – unable to add PIC contacts in Office Communicator

Now there are many times we have problems adding contacts so please read this carefully as the problem exposes itself for the user of MSN not Office Communicator (Windows Messenger would likely report the same or similar error, I just didn’t test as most customers run OC). Customer may report that when an MSN user…


LCS CWA – Registry values to enable tracing on the CWA server

For all of you that want to gather logs and research yourself or you just really like being prepared when you call for support, here is the necessary tracing information for CWA. Keep in mind that if you get errors when the actual client browser launches, you will also want to enable Flat File Logging…


LCS CWA: Communicator Web Access

Are you aware of Communicator Web Access? Do you have non Windows OS systems without IM today (Macintosh, Linux/UNIX, or older Windows clients even)? Do you have users traveling that use Kiosks to get e-mail?  Look for another post on tracing entries to help diagnose problems (rather verbose) TomL LCSKid


LCS PIC: How to determine if you are having a provisioning problem with MSN

The following issue may occur with a customer using the Public Instant Messaging Connectivity (PIC) feature of LCS 2005, enabling federation with MSN, Yahoo and AOL. Once the customer receives email stating that the provisioning process is complete, Yahoo and AOL contacts work correctly in both directions, and internal clients using Office Communicator are able…


LCS Archiving results when there is IM between two users having different settings

I was reading through some old documents today and found this table for differing Archive settings. I believe this is one of those things that is really helpful when compliance is needed and you need to know the net result. For the global customer this is even more important as some countries mandate archiving and…


LCS RTC – An official product team blog

In its infancy but it has begun, an official RTC blog with product group involvement.  I will continue this blog as it represents the support aspect of our product but I expect to help contribute to posts on that site from time to time also. Thanks for your patience and I hope that you…


LCS tool for web server component

So there is not an official name for the product so I will refer to it as “Budapest” the code name and in a generic term the LCS web server component or solution. A tool that I was shown very early in this beta and that I have NOT played with at all beyond the…


Office Communicator and Windows Messenger Logging

What I post below comes from my teammate Jason, I have been trying to get him to start blogging with me. If you find this information useful send me an email with the subject: GET JASON A BLOG!  Windows Messenger 5.0/5.1 (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Tracing)==========================================================To generate a logfile, you must to set the EnableFileTracing registry value =1, exit…


LCS 2005 SP1 and SQL 2000 SP4 is supported!

Simple post, from the team that gives the authoritative answer on supported vs. not supported –  The statement of supported vs. not supported simply means that our test team set this up and ran sufficient tests to say that there are no reported issues. As with any product, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t find…