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A common question we recieve is around Alerts (also IM to groups which will be a separate post)

Customer question - Alerting Services
Is there a way to inform all LCS users by Corporate Alert like MSN Alerts does it. The idea is to build a solution when employees subscribe to different alerts and recieve them by Windows Messenger Alert and EMail. I know that it could be done with SPPS (portal), but it seems to me that it is not as easy as it seems like. Could you recommend something or is there some kind of interface in LCS to do this?

Answer - YES*
First, let me say this is outside my technical skillset so I will not be able to answer any questions, this is a post to give you the information you want.

Yes this is possible, but the * (star) indicating that it is not within the LCS interface. Below is a good starting place. 
Real-time Communications (RTC) Client Technical Articles
In this section, you'll find technical articles that demonstrate how to connect people and information in real time enabling them to communicate with each other instantly —without leaving the program in which they are working. Whether you're interested in using Windows® Messenger and Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server to connect people and information, or planning to write your own program using the RTC API, you'll find information here to help you get started.

The specific item you are interested in is Implementing Automated Agents (Bots) using the RTC Client API

Cheers - Toml LCS Kid

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