Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Tim Sinclair – Optimizing your IT Infrastructure. Why it Matters and How to achieve it.

In this session Tim Sinclair will present desktop manageability best practice results gleamed from engaging with over 150 companies. He will focus on the IT processes and the associated technologies that have been accelerants in helping companies save costs and achieving increased service levels. He will also discuss the key technology levers that have the…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – David Mills – System Center Essentials: Management for the Midsize Businesses and Service Providers

This session will provide a hands on demonstration of how new System Center Essentials product provides comprehensive management solutions to customers with 50-500 PCs. This walkthrough of the entire product will show the powerful monitoring and configuration solutions available for small to medium size organizations.


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Bill Corrigan, Chad Jones – Using Application Virtualization to Decrease Your Application Management TCO

This session will introduce the newly acquired SoftGrid, an exciting new technology that has proven to reduce customers’ application management costs by upwards of 95%.  This session will give the attendee a strong overview of the application virtualization and streaming technology and how it can be used to augment existing systems management infrastructure.  We will share real-world case…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Mark Russinovich – Advanced Malware Cleaning

Today’s IT administrator needs to be prepared to identify, analyze, and remediate malware that slips through layered defences since most anti-malware solutions depend on signatures of known threats. This session takes you on a tour of malware infection and persistence technologies, including rootkits, and shows you on real malware infections how to use sophisticated tools…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – François-Manuel Billault – Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and the New Microsoft iSCSI Target Application Pack: Extending and unifying storage management protocols

The new Microsoft iSCSI Target Application Pack lets NAS vendors extend Windows Storage Server R2 workloads to block-level application data such as Exchange, SQL and Virtual Server 2005 R2. This capability enables greater consolidation of storage, whilst still hosting supporting file serving in a heterogeneous OS environment. The new HP All-in-One Network Attached Storage, which…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Steve Riley – Windows Vista Firewall and IPSec Enhancements

Bored with Windows networking? Haven’t seen anything new in, like, forever? Well just wait until you see what Windows Vista packs! It’s networking components are all-new from the ground up. The TCP/IP stack has been rebuilt for performance and security, with routing compartments that prevent unwanted forwarding of traffic between the Internet and a VPN…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Marcus Murray – Knowing the Enemy – A lightning demonstration on how hackers attack networks

This lightning demo is a live hacking session demonstrating a realistic attack targeting a network environment. In high tempo you will see both common attack techniques used by hackers today and samples of security features in action preventing successful exploitation. We will look at both external and internal attacks and we will also see some…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Jason Langridge – How Can you Deliver Mobile E-mail to over 40,000 Users with Exchange 2003 and Windows

This session will give guidance on how to successfully implement a large scale rollout of mobile devices. It will cover topics such as infrastructure requirements, scalability, deployment considerations, device provisioning and user training. This is an essential session for anyone looking to deploy mobile devices inside their organisation.


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Jason Buffington – Data Protection Manager v2 – First Look

Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2006 delivers centralized backup of branch offices and better backups within the data center, by continuously protecting changed files at the byte-level to secondary disk, which can then be backed up to tape. DPM also enables rapid and reliable recovery from easily accessible disk instead of waiting to locate and mount…