Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – George Asgari, Simon Higgins – Microsoft Innovation Joint Keynote

The increasing sophistication or “intelligence” of software will dramatically impact business, science, medicine, the media, politics and ultimately people and society. Today’s challenges – security, compliance, or just keeping machines up and running – prevent organisations from fully benefiting from their investments in people and technology. The next generation of Windows Vista and Office “12”…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Steve Riley -Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies

For most of the history of computing, operating systems have lived in their own little bubbles of trust. Every part of an operating system pretty much assumed that every other part was exactly what it claimed to be and performed only what it claimed it could do. Recent attacks, though, have shown that such implicit…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Derek Melber – Troubleshooting Group Policy

This 75-minute session decrypts all aspects of GPOs. We unveil the shotgun approach that the operating system uses to store GPOs. We also piece together the methods for tracking down failed replication of GPOs and the problems that arise from them. We investigate common tools that enable you to track, discover, and troubleshoot GPO problems….


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Navjot Virk, Dan Stevenson – New Backup and Offline Files Features in Windows Vista

This session presents the new backup features and vastly improved offline files experience for Windows Vista, and previews future innovations in storage and file systems. The new backup features represent a dramatic departure from past versions, with a focus on usability and simplicity, support for CD and DVD media and external hard disks, and a…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Chris Mitchell, Ian Hameroff – Next Generation Networking features

Learn more about the next generation networking features coming in Windows Vista and Windows Server code named “Longhorn”. Dubbed the “Next Generation TCP/IP” stack, these new Windows networking investments and innovations represents the most significant update since the 1990s. Receive guidance on how to prepare for the enhanced performance, scalability and manageability capabilities coming in…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Corey Hynes – Everything You Need in One Hour

This session is intended for IT professionals responsible for planning and executing Windows Vista deployment and migrations in organizations of all sizes. In this session, learn how and when to use the wealth of new depoyment tools and technologies that are available with Windows Vista. By the end of this session you will be ready…


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Chad Lewis – Microsoft IT: Deploying Windows Vista

This session offers Microsoft IT experience and guidance for preparing your organization for the deployment of Windows Vista. Learn how MSIT prepared for the internal deployment of Windows Vista, implemented key Vista features, and configured the infrastructure to support the deployment. Guidance also includes ways to simplify the deployment experience for your organization.


Technet Spotlight On Demand Video – Corey Hynes – Scripting for IT Professionals Who Can’t Write Code

In this session, learn the basics of writing script code, code that can then be used to write functional automation scripts. As a bonus, learn when NOT to write scripts by using your ability to understand sample scripts and customize them into powerful administration tools. Finally, learn the deep secrets of the command prompt in…