Get 7 Free Tools for Managing Disks and File Systems

Manage disk usage, delete files permanently, monitor streams, and more. Here are 7 free tools every administrator should download. Follow our daily tips on:Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS


Use the Powerful and Free Autoruns Tool to Take Charge of Startup Apps in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a few tools you can use to peek at programs and services that run automatically at startup or logon, most notably the System Configuration utility, Msconfig. But that built-in tool pales in comparison to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the category. Find out about the free Autoruns utility. Follow our daily tips…


Utility Spotlight: Two for You

We’ve got two free utilities this month, both designed to make the life of an IT pro a little easier by helping you manage resources. Over time, the network PCs in your organization may become cluttered with multiple user profiles, especially if they’re shared computers used by many people. These profiles and their associated files…


Utility Spotlight: RichCopy

More than two years ago, TechNet Magazine Editor-in-Chief Josh Hoffman wrote about a great little utility called RoboCopy Gui—and that article became the single most popular article we’ve ever published! Now, however, that place in history is very likely to be superseded as Josh tells you about an even more useful tool  that is even…


Geek of All Trades: Tools of the Trade

More free utilities! Being a systems administrator can be difficult, but whether your organization is large or small, the right tools can significantly ease the burden. In this month’s column, Greg Shields presents an overview of 19 free tools created by Microsoft. These handy utilities cover many of the tasks IT professionals must perform on…


Utility Spotlight: Screenrecorder

Free and Fun—Make your own screencast! Whether you are having problems yourself getting something to work correctly on your computer and are working with tech support, or you’re trying to help someone else solve such problems, you have probably spent hours describing or explaining events over and over again because one party can’t actually see…

Utility Spotlight: VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool

Creating virtual machines (VMs) with Hyper-V is very easy, and installing operating systems and applications in a virtual machine is as transparent as in the physical world. But what if you have existing VMs that were used with Virtual PC 2007 or Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1? Luckily, these older VMs can be used with…