A Month of Windows Server 2008 Tips – Week 3

Disabling an Unused Part of Group Policy Objects
One way to disable a policy is to disable an unused part of the GPO. By disabling part of a policy that isn’t used, the application of GPOs and security will be faster.

Administer Windows Server 2008 Server Core from the Command Prompt
This tip offers a list of tools that will help you become an expert in administering Server Core from the command prompt.

Installing and Uninstalling Roles and Features Using Ocsetup
You can use Ocsetup.exe to install or remove roles, role services, and features on Server Core. Note that the Ocsetup.exe syntax is case sensitive so you must type package names exactly as shown in this list.

Use Built-In Tools to Monitor DNS Servers
Windows Server 2008 offers built-in functionality for monitoring a DNS server. You can configure monitoring to occur manually or automatically by following these simple steps!

Install the Windows Server Backup Feature on Server Core
Before you can back up a Server Core computer, you must install the Windows Server Backup feature. This can be done in two ways, both of which we detail here.

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