New Windows 7 Learning Material

The Microsoft Learning team has come out with a great series of bite-sized “Learning Snacks” to help introduce you to new features coming in Windows 7. They’ve just released a new series of Snacks this week, and we thought you might enjoy them!

Desktop Experience in Windows 7

Setting Up a Home Network in Windows 7

Implementing User Account Control in Windows 7

Introducing BitLocker and AppLocker in Windows 7

Introducing the Troubleshooting Platform in Windows 7

Using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool for Servicing Windows 7 Images


Of course, for more information on new security features coming in Windows 7, take a look at Chris Corio’s article in this issue of TechNet Magazine: An Introduction to Security in Windows 7.

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    De afgelopen periode was nogal een periode van veranderingen. Zo was er de bijna overname van Sun door

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