A Month of Windows Server 2008 Tips – Week 1

This month, TechNet Magazine is running a month of Windows Server 2008 tips, posting a new tip every day Monday through Friday.  Here's what we posted for April 1 through April 3.

Commands and Tools for Managing Windows Server 2008 Server Core
With a core server installation, you have a minimal UI that includes a limited desktop environment for local console management of the server. Here is an overview of key commands and utilities you’ll use for managing server core installations while logged on locally.

Quickly Filter Event Logs in Windows Server 2008
The Event Viewer automatically creates several filtered views of the event logs. You can also create a custom view to make it easier to look for specific types of events.

Create System Startup / Shutdown and User Logon / Logoff Scripts
With Windows Server 2008 you can configure four types of scripts: Computer Startup Executed during startup; Computer Shutdown Executed prior to shutdown; User Logon Executed when a user logs on; and User Logoff Executed when a user logs off. Here's how to write these useful scripts.

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