A Month of Exchange Server 2007 Tips – Week 4

This month, TechNet Magazine is running a month of Exchange Server 2007 tips.  Here's what we posted over the fourth week of March.

Troubleshoot Database Mount Problems
If a database won’t mount, it could be because a required log file is missing or because the database is corrupted. You can diagnose many database mount problems using the Troubleshooting Assistant.

Configure a Custom Schedule for Regular Maintenance Tasks
You should run maintenance routines against databases on a daily basis. By default, Exchange Server runs maintenance tasks daily from 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. but you can customized the time if you so desire.

Grant Permission to Access Folders Without Delegating Access
When a mailbox is stored on the server, you can grant access to individual folders in the mailbox. Granting access in this way means that users can perform tasks only for which you’ve granted permission.

Use the Exchange Management Shell to Work with Managed Folders
Here is a list of cmdlets for working with managed folders. Enjoy!

Use Cmdlets to Modify Dynamic Distribution Groups
In the Exchange Management Shell, you can modify the filters and conditions associated with a dynamic distribution group using the Set-DynamicDistribution-Group cmdlet. This cmdlet has several other uses as well!

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